How do you buy a house?

Sounds like a silly question, right? But if it is your first time buying a house things can get pretty confusing! Have a read below for some information!

So you’ve seen the house of your dreams online… YES! Now we can arrange a time and date for you to see it for yourself. We recommend that you have spoken to your mortgage advisor already to understand your own position.  Don’t have one? Get in touch and we’ll give you some top dollar advice on the best advisor!

So, you loved the property! Your advisor has confirmed that you can afford it! Now comes the important part, negotiating the price! Let us know your best price and we will work with the seller to make a deal. 

So your offer has now been accepted! You and the seller will have agreed on a price and both of you will be happy to proceed. It’s at this point that you will appoint a solicitor. As always, if you don’t have one you can get in touch for the best advice in the business!

Conveyancing is just a posh word for the paperwork that solicitors do during the purchase process, and it’s certainly nothing to be worried about!

During this time your solicitor will check the fine print in the deeds and contract that you will sign for the sale. They will also instruct a few firms to carry out searches on the property to make sure that all is as it seems. They may ask your sellers solicitors for clarity on anything that arises during the process, this is known as raising enquiries.

So, the searches have come back spic and span and your mortgage is ready to go…Yipee! You are now in a position to exchange contracts! Sounds complicated…it’s not! What happens is both sides swap signed contracts and this makes you legally bound to purchase the property or default on your deposit, which is usually 10% of the purchase price.

Now it’s time for the main event..the moment you’ve been waiting for! On completion day your solicitor will transfer the purchase funds to the seller and confirm to us that the keys can be released. All that’s left to do is  collect your keys (and bottle of bubbly if you’re lucky enough to be buying through MyHaus!) and start the next chapter in your life! 

Refer A Friend

Know someone who is looking to sell?

For a limited period, refer a friend to us and if we sell their house, you will receive a £250 Amazon voucher! Just make sure you have registered your interest with us and get them to quote your name when using our services. 

Leave the rest to us and you can work on your wishlist!