Just give me some space!

Elon Musk and the SpaceX team definitely had their eyes set on space for quite some time. But it is not just the people of Brighton that are now looking for property with a bit of SPACE.

As Rightmove have recently reported, people are looking for extra space. With Cornwall being the most sort after location post- pandemic it no surprise that the desire to live in London has declined. With the thousands that live in the capital living with no outdoor space, or very little its no surprise that things have changed. The new in priority is ‘garden’ or ‘outside space’ when looking for a new place to live.   

So why do we need more space?

As Rightmove suggests, people are prioritising the need for more space inside and outside. This is due to the recent increase of people working from home. These desires could well just be fashionable for now but who’s to say. 

The need for an office space, which used to be known as the spare room is very popular. If your property has space, good wifi and is pet friendly you will be ticking all the right boxes.

Number two on the buyers wish list is having a garden. With over 4000 potential movers surveyed this is what they desired most from a home. Flats have also dropped out of the top five wanted list for buyers according to Rightmove’s research. Property in Brighton specifically is thriving, because while we have plenty of flats around, we have the SEA! 

Ultimately it’s no surprise that our priorities have changed, and we know they will continue to. For now, we keep hunting those properties that meet your needs and finding those perfect tenants at MyHaus Brighton.

For all lettings enquiries, whether you are a landlord or tenant, contact us on 01273 286788 or send us an email on info@myhausbrighton.co.uk.

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