Is it Brighton or Hove, actually?

We all know our wonderful corner of the coast is a vibrant and popular destination come rain or shine. But, what is the difference between Brighton and Hove?

So... should you live in Brighton?

Brighton itself has the hustle and bustle of any city centre across the UK, with a bit of a twist. Nestled within the city centre we have the wonderful Lanes. Containing an abundance of unique shops and restaurants you can get lost for hours exploring in the heart of the city. It is certainly not one to miss.

Surrounding the beloved Lanes is the rest of the city centre. Our brilliant seafront and pier alongside the hub of Kemptown which shines with Pride not just in the summer. We also have the beautiful Preston Park which provides some peace from the city centre and is not too far from the action. Brighton has a lot to offer if you want to be an active part of this creative city.

Or... should you live in Hove?

If a quieter life is what you desire, then perhaps Hove might be for you. With a much more residential aesthetic Hove suits a quieter experience. With a calmer look out to sea and lots of cafes, businesses, restaurants and pubs to choose from you can take a step back from the busy, tourist central, streets of Brighton whilst still being close for whatever your needs are.  

Hove has a real community feel especially in areas such as Poets Corner where  the community has really pulled together and transformed the parks and open spaces to be more child friendly. The repurposed derelict building into a community centre has really brought the area together and lets not forget the street festivals either! 

Overall, whatever your preference is you are spoilt for choice on the East Sussex coastline. We at MyHaus Brighton are here to help you find your space whether that be in Brighton or Hove, actually.

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