Top Tips for Landlords

We all know being a Landlord can be daunting when your first property going to let. At MyHaus Brighton we certainly know that there are many documents and certificates you need to be on the right side of the law… and your tenants! Here are our top tips to get landlords started!

Number 1 - Think about it…

Think about what you want and what suits your property. Do you want a student let as you are in a university town or close by accommodation? Are you in the suburbs suiting a family or professionals? Is your property in the heart of the city suitable for the non – stop workers? Wherever your property is and who you want to market it to will help dictate your next steps.

Number 2 - DIY

What measures do you need to take to make your property marketable? Take a look at what needs fixing and repairing to be suitable for someone to live there. Who you are going to market the property to will impact on the facilities you will provide but it is important to consider what finishing touches you can add that will help you achieve your desired rent or maybe a little more!   

Number 3 - What checks and certificates do I need?

It can seem like a minefield when considering all the different things you need to be able to market your property, but the following documents are a must and if you choose an agent, they can always help you with this process.

Landlords’ insurance

Landlords’ license – if applicable for your council and property

Energy Performance Certificate EPC

Gas Safety Certificate

Electrical Condition Report EICR

PAT testing and Legionella risk assessments are also recommended.

Number 4 - Reference your tenants!

It is important for you to reference your tenants so you know who is living in your property as well as providing you with the peace of mind of affordability. Afterall it will be your responsibility if they do not pay and there are different options that you have such as Rent Guarantee which gives you an extra safety blanket!

Number 5 - Be real!

Your tenants are real people too. When they need help with something, attend to it in a good amount of time. If you cannot make sure you employ an agency to manage the property for you. Tenants that are well taken care of with take care of your property!

We hope these tips and tricks help you get started and have confidence in what steps to take. We are here to help you at MyHaus Brighton with any questions you have regarding letting out your property, Get in touch on 01273 286788 or send us an email at

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